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  • Giving back while moving forward.

    I’ve just started volunteering at a local residential care home ‘Whitby Dene’ on a fortnightly basis offering Aromatherapy hand and...

  • New skills acquired!

    Advanced Massage Training Course I recently enjoyed a wonderful weekend of comradeship and learning courtesy of my wonderful hostess, colleague...

  • Roman Chamomile

    Roman Chamomile As part of the Neal’s Yard Diploma Course in Aromatherapy I compiled a plant study on Roman Chamomile...

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What Our Clients Say

” Thank you Linda. I feel so relaxed and de-stressed after I have visited you. You offer such a personal service and I feel very special every time I come for a treatment. I have had many massages during my life but yours has certainly been the best I have ever had.”

Jeanne Davies  18/10/13


“Linda is a very warm, kind and caring person, with a sense of humour and fun. The name of her company is an excellent one, as I did feel completely ‘cherished’ during and after my treatment. Her especially blended oils, worked a treat, and I slept like I had never slept before. Wonderful.”

Vicki Kaufmann 18/1/14


“I was introduced to Linda earlier this year and became a case study for her to complete her training.  I had never experienced the benefits of Aromatherapy Massage before and didn’t really know what to expect.  Linda asked me a lot of questions relating to my health and any problems I may have.  I had been suffering with Sciatica for over a year, due to slippage of a joint in my spine putting pressure on my Sciatic nerve.  Linda was very thorough during the consultation and noted my answers.

The ambience of the practice room was very pleasant and calming and Linda always was very friendly, immediately making me feel at ease whilst being very knowledgeable and professional.  She went to great lengths to make sure I was warm and comfortable and provided lovely fluffy towels for covering up as well as a heated bed!

I have had several full body treatments with oils that Linda blended to specifically help with the Sciatica and also with some Eczema that I had, making sure that I was happy with the blend.  I can only say that the experience is truly wonderful!  I felt totally relaxed and could easily have gone to sleep. All my muscles felt loose and I felt as though all tension had drained away.

The Eczema improved and eventually disappeared and although the Sciatica remains due to the joint, I’m sure that had it been purely muscular, it would have gone.

I can highly recommend Linda, her massage is not just a luxury, but also a treatment, so do give it try!”

Brenda Mower 29/10/13


“Very Relaxing with the personal touch, Can’t recommend highly enough”

Sue Rosenberg 12/04/14