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My aunt who lives in another part of the country has been suffering with Cellulitis in her legs which seems to be exacerbated by warm weather. 

As I am not local to her I was unable to offer massage however I made up the blend below for her, which she has been applying for a few weeks and has found helpful. 

She has also been on prescribed medication thus it is difficult to quantify how much the Aloe Vera ointment I blended has contributed to the reduction in swelling however the swelling has reduced over the weeks which I hope in part was due to her useage of the ointment together with the application of it through self massage using regular upward strokes from the lower leg to thigh. 

My aunt has been convinced of the effectiveness of the blend in Aloe Vera for both relieving the tightness of the skin that has accompanied the swelling and for relieving the skin irritation which is a persistent unpleasant symptom of the condition.


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