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The treatments offered in the therapy room combine massage and the therapeutic and aesthetic qualities of the oil.  They work in synergy so that together they help support psychological and physical wellbeing.

For each treatment a blend of oils is prepared which is specific not only to the client but to their health and wellbeing on that particular day.    Home remedies using the oils for self application can also be prepared which are tailored to each clients specific requirements.

Menu of Treatments

Please note times quoted are the actual length of the massage additional time should be allowed for short consultation, blending of oils, and for getting undressed and dressing after the appointment.

Gift Vouchers Available

Treatment 1 Full Body Treatment

  • 1 hour 30 minutes on the couch (1st appointment add 30 minutes for required consultation)
  • Areas massaged – Back/ Legs/ Arms/ Abdomen/ Neck and Shoulders/ Face and Scalp

Price: 1.5 hours - £55

Treatment 2 Body Treatment 

  • 1 hour on the couch.  (1st appointment add 30 minutes for required consultation)
  • Areas Massaged – Back/ Legs/ Arms/ Neck and Shoulders.

Price: 1 hour – £37

Treatment 3 Back Neck and Shoulders

  • 45 minutes on the couch.  (1st appointment add 30 minutes for required consultation)

 Price: 45 minutes – £28


Loyalty Scheme*

Whichever treatment you choose, if you have, for example, five Full Body treatments  the sixth would be free of charge.  A saving of £55.  This is too encourage regular treatments and as a thank you for your loyalty to Aromas to Cherish.

* Terms and Conditions apply